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Houbou Komiyama - Kirie (Cutting Paper) Artist

Houbou Komiyama was born 1946 in Tokyo, Japan.

While studying at Musashino Art University,Hobo became a researcher for the Theater Company Rokugatsu Gekijo.

After University he began his career as a clothing dye "Edo Sarasa (Japanese Traditional textile)" colorist and illustrator.

In 1975 he began his career as a cutting paper artist.

In 1982 He had the first private exhibition of his own art work at Gallery AMELIA, Akasaka.

In 1984 He had the second private exhibition at Gallery AMELIA, Aoyama.

In 1985 He had the third private exhibition at Tamagawa Takasimaya.

In 1999 a collection of his cutting paper works were published as a calendar (Toppan Print Publishing).

In 2000 His major published work are "The Heart of Kirie (Cutting Paper)"(MPC Publishing).

In 2002 Published as a book "Eros of Kirie (Cutting Paper)"(MPC Publishing).

In 2003 Published as a calendar "Eros of Kirie (Cutting Paper)" (Fantastic Land Publishing).

In 2004 Published as two calendar "The Four Seasons of Japan"(NK Publishing), "Eros of Kirie 2"(Fantastic Land Publishing).

In 2005 Published as two calendar "The Four Seasons of Japan" and "Eros of Kirie".

In 2006 He had the forth private exhibition "Give a Picture of Mt. Fuji" at Gallery Fukka, Jinbocho. Published as two books "Kirie for Adults"(MPC Publishing). "For the First time of Kirie"(Shufu no tomo-sya Publishing).

In 2007 He had the fifth private exhibition "Venus vetue en Kimono" at Vanilla Gallery, Ginza. Published as two books "Kirie for Adults 2", "Karakuri Kirie (Karakuri Cutting Paper)"(MPC Publishing).

In 2008 He participated to exhibition "Erotica Japan" at Erotic Museum in Paris, France. Published as three books "Karakuri Kirie/All You Need Are Scissors", "Karakuri Kirie /A Carpet of Flowers", "Karakuri Kirie/A Festival of Colors".

In 2009 He had the private exibition "Genius Kirie artist"at Ryu Gallery, Fujinomiya.

Published as two books "Let's Play Kirie";(Patchwork Tsusinsha Publishing) and "Just Kirie-Four Seasons Flowers";(Kawade shobo shisha Publishing)

In 2010 He had the private exibition "Fantasy [suru] paper"
(Nihonbashi Nanwa Gallery).

Published as three books "Komiyama Houbou's Karakuri Kirie",
"It is easy in scissors Karakuri Kirie"(Patchwork Tsushin Co.,Ltd)
and "Just Kirie-Lovely flowerring plat"(Kawade shoboushinsya)

In 2011 He participated to exhibition"Passion of the East" at Go gallery in Amsuterdam.

Published "Yasashii Sonomama Kirigami"(Kawade shoboushinsya).

In 2012 Published as three books, "Shutujin! Sengoku Busho Kirie 56"(Paper-cutting/The famous general of the warring states period.)(Futabasha) and "Cheerful to 100 years old! Krie of the palpitation"(Kosaido Publishing Co.,Ltd) and "Enjoy the Japan, Paper-cutting for Adult"(Kosaido Publishing Co.,Ltd).

He currently resides in Japan where he teaches a course on Picture Book at Tokyo Zokei University.

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